Want To Sublease?

$250 Fee Per Sublease

Please have your prospective sublessee fill out the form below. We also need all parties to review and sign the Subleasing Addendum. Upon Landlord approval, we will notify you that they can move in, but not before. Management will not do a walk through before they move in. You are responsible for checking them in and giving them your keys.

You are still responsible both financially and for any damage done to the apartment, so it would be wise to get a good sublessee. You must still pay your rent monthly, and have your sublessee pay you the rent each month.

The Security Deposit will remain in the leaseholders name until 21 days after the end of your lease, less any deductions for damages or unpaid monies. We suggest that you get a security deposit from your sublessee. 

Please remember that you are responsible for the terms of your lease, which means you pay rent until the end of your lease. If the sublessee is interested in signing a long term lease contact the office.

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2022-23 Leases

Tours starting October 1st.